Fuelling Around podcast: Arsenal legend David Seaman on why he had to sell his Aston Martin DB7


Former Arsenal and England goalkeeper David Seaman joins hosts Jason Plato and Dave Vitty on the award-winning podcast Fuelling Around to discuss his career and his epic car collection. 

Seaman won two Premier League titles, four FA Cups, one League Cup, the old First Division title and the European Cup Winners’ Cup during 13 seasons with Arsenal, as well as amassing 75 caps for his country.

The 60-year-old reveals all about his football career, what it was like to compete on Dancing on Ice and explains why he had to sell his Aston Martin DB7. 

David Seaman on the remarkable story of passing his driving test after just two weeks

It appears it wasn’t just in goal that Seaman proved a safe pair of hands. 

During the podcast the former England number one revealed the remarkable story of how he managed to pass his driving test after just two weeks of practice and two driving lessons.   

“I was 17 and I’ll never forget, I was filling out the (driving test) form with my dad and there’s a box that said to tick if you can complete your test within two weeks,” Seaman explained.

“My dad said ‘we’ll tick that because it might mean we can get up the list a bit earlier.’ I’d had no lessons by this point, but we ticked the box and sent it off in the post. 

“The next thing we know, it comes through that I’ve got two weeks before my test. But I’d only had lessons with my dad, so they’re not proper lessons. 

“So I ended up having two double lessons by an instructor, and then went straight into my test and I passed first time. I could not believe it. 

“It was weird because when I came back, I said to my mum that I passed and she said ‘you never!’ 

“She gave me the keys to her car and asked me to go up to the shops.” 

However it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Seaman when it comes to cars. Several years later he managed to buy his dream car, an Aston Martin DB7, but had to sell it due to his driveway causing issues with the underside of the vehicle. 

“I had it for a good 10 years, because it was a lucky car for me,” he said. 

“But then we moved into the house we’re at now, and we’ve got quite a bobbly lane that leads down to our house, with potholes and bumps like that, especially in the winter.

“And every time I drove it, they’d be cracking the bottom of my Aston and I’d be like ‘oh God no’, so I ended up getting rid of that. But I’m happy with my Range (Rover) now.”  

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