ePayPolicy launches Payables Connect – Automating payables reconciliation for insurance


The founders of ePayPolicy have had firsthand experience of the operational pains of check collection and manual reconciliation in insurance. It was this that led to the company’s first product, which involved customizable, online payment pages that match with an insurance company’s brand.

The industry is primed and hungry for digital payments and automated back-office operations, according to ePayPolicy, and Payables Connect is a natural next step in the company’s innovation drive, which has included the launch of CheckMate, an automated check reconciliation solution that also utilizes machine learning, in 2022.

Additional capabilities of ePayPolicy include industry-specific management system integrations, custom API connections, network payables, and more.

ePayPolicy’s customer base has grown to over 6,500 insurance companies, and current and new customers alike can expect several new products to follow. Its goal is to continue to streamline the accounts payable, receivables and disbursement experience for customers in the insurance industry.

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