Exploring the changing risk factors in the technology industry


Exploring the changing risk factors in the technology industry


Technology has become a vital force engrained in our society. While it has enriched our lives for the better, a whole new wave of risks come with the rise of AI and new advancements.  

The idea that technology can now cause bodily injury or property damage is very real, and also very different to how things were ten, even five years ago.  

Whether you’re a broker or insurer, don’t miss the latest episode of IB Talk for a comprehensive guide to the new wave of technological advancements and what potential risks are on the horizon.  

Understand how these risks affect arising technology, like AI and the metaverse, and gain critical insights on how insurers can prepare themselves. Learn how emerging technologies will develop over the next decade, and what precautions insurers can take to combat these risks as well as how they can use new technologies to their advantage. 

Don’t miss this exclusive look into the future of technology, and how brokers and insurers can best position themselves in an ever-changing landscape.

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